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We are a PB4L School

Just like we teach all curriculum areas we also teach behaviour and this is where we teach the values associated with our CAP - Caring, Actively Participating and Problem Solving.  This way of being is from the Board of Trustees to Management, staff and students.  We pride ourselves on creating a postive learning envrionment where care for others is taught and praised in all areas.


Manaaki - Caring

Manaaki is a tamaiti just like you and all your class mates at Te Kura o Takaro.

He lives with Tangaroa in the sea and Maru in the fresh water of our four Awa. Being able to live in two domains is a very special trait that Manaaki possess. 

Manaaki helps remind us of the importance of caring for ourselves and caring for others.

Ko au, ko koe,

Ko koe, ko au.

Looking after others as you look after yourself is called manaakitanga.

Sitting on top of Manaaki’s head is a bright yellow cap. This colour shows the warmth that radiates when we show kindness to others. It also means Manaaki is a bright spark who is leading the way. 

Did you notice Manaaki’s red arero (tongue)? Words can either up lift someone or put them down. Manaaki strives to be uplifting with his words and positive at all times. 

Aranga - Actively Participating

Tarongo helps us to remember that if we want to improve our learning, we have to actively participate in all aspects of school life. 

Tarongo represents Rongo-mā-tane who is the atua for peace and cultivation. He carries a Kaheru which is a special tool used for weeding and preparing the soil for planting.  He is very energetic and works hard especially at planting times.

Tarongo has a curved shaped body (curvilinear form) which shows us that he is moving and active. He is always striving to move forward while glancing back and remembering the good things that might have helped him in his learning.

Look at where Tarongo has his ringaringa (hands), one hand is up and is putting on his cap. He is thinking, making a plan.  The other hand is carrying the Kaheru and is ready to put his plan into action.  

Tarongo also has three raukura (feathers) attached to his cap. This shows that he is bright, creative and very innovative with his thinking especially when he wears his cap.     


Tarongo - Problem Solving

Aranga is a Marakihau who comes from the depths of the ocean. 

This kaitiaki is clever at coming up with lots of ways to navigate through nga tai whakarara (different waves, strong currents and changing tides).  These are represented by the chequered patterns on his body.

Aranga is a problem solver and able to work through challenges. He is at his best when it is stormy and will strive to do all he can to return to calmer seas. His cap has a full brim to help protect him in all weathers. 

The hand on Aranga’s chest is large and rests by his heart. This is because his determination to solve problems is driven from his heart and he wants to do his best. 

Aranga has a long tongue that is specially designed to catch fish. This reminds us to use our words and talk things out when we need to problem solve.

Tatariki (1).jpg


Is the Rangatira of PB4L and is a combination of all the characteristics.

He represents duality and balance. 

Tātāriki shows commitment to the kaupapa and reminds us all to 


Actively Participate

Problem Solve

He is wise and holds all the knowledge of our interactions and encourages us all to use the knowledge we gain of ourselves to help us improve our behaviours.

He also reminds us to maintain our focus and be positive in all our interactions.

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