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At Te Kura ō Tākaro we have an open door policy inviting all new whanau to come and enjoy our kura. If you are interested in enrolling your tamariki, please feel free to come along to the office and our principal Helena Baker will be happy to take you on a guided tour, to meet our teachers and visit our wonderful classrooms. For New Entrant children, we like to begin visits about a month out from turning 5, to allow yourself as the parent and your child a smooth transition to beginning school. 

For any queries or further information please ring the school office on (06) 35 81 563.

New Entrant Information Booklet


Nau mai haere mai ki Te Kura ō Tākaro

To support all students entering our kura we ask that you make an enrollment interview via the school office.

At this interview we will go through a form gathering as much information as we can to ensure a smooth transition to our kura either from an Early Childhood setting or from another school.

After this interview the Early Childhood setting or the School is contacted and we ask some questions to give us a full picture of your child.  This happens within 24 hours of the interview if possible.

If there are any further questions we need to ask, we will get you back to confirm these before your child begins.

All children should start within 24-48 hours after the interview.  This process has been very important to ensure we have all supports in place and your child has a successful start at our Kura.  The transition to school schedulefor all children will be decided on with the whanau and school to ensure a successful start at our kura.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with the school office.


Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi,

On enrolment of your child into Te Reo Pūtahi you agree for your child to be educated in one of the following options:
- an education in the medium of Te Reo Māori (Rumaki)

- an education in both English and Te Reo Māori (Bilingual)

This process includes meeting with the teachers of Te Reo Pūtahi, the Tumuaki of the Kura and an introduction of yourself and your child / ren to the whānau. 

If you are opting for Rumaki, the teacher will discuss with you whether or not your child has sufficient reo to cope with an education in Te Reo Māori. From here you will be expected to come along to whānau hui, talk about you and your child, what experience your child has had in Te Reo Māori, what Kōhanga or kura they have come from and how you can support Te Reo Pūtahi. 

On acceptance of your child into Te Reo Pūtahi (either Rumaki or Bilingual), it is expected that you or a member of your whānau attend all hui, support with fundraising, trips and any venture which needs whānau support in anyway possible.

With support from parents, whānau children and Te Reo Pūtahi staff, we can give children the best education opportunities and experiences through the medium of te reo Māori.

Ngā pouako o Te Reo Pūtahi



All Sizes = $50.00.

All Sizes = $45.00

All Sizes = $38.00 

All one Price = $ 10.00.


All Sizes = $45.00


All Sizes = $12


Our school has an automatic payment option. When you set up automatic payments into our school bank account, your child’s uniform, stationery and activity costs can be paid off over time. These payments can be started at any stage with some whanau choosing to start them in the months leading up to their child starting school. Automatic payment forms are enclosed in the school enrolment packs. You can also get the forms by calling into the school office.

Payment can be made with cash or Internet Banking.  

We can do WINZ quotes.

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